DJ Jason

A.K.A. DJ Hydan

With over 10 Years of Musical Experience, Hydan has grown professionally as a musical artist to a true expert on the turntables. Growing up in Kansas City, Hydan taught himself how to play the piano at the age of 8. Hydan played piano professionally in restaurants and department stores for 4 years until he started DJing professionally when he arrived at the University of Kansas.

Hydan has studied under several talented DJ’s throughout Kansas City. His vast knowledge for music throughout the decades allows him to play open format sets covering several genres ensuring amazing crowd interaction.

His ability to blend a variety of formats throughout an reception gives Hydan the ability to truly accommodate any and all musical tastes. In addition to his musical knowledge and expertise on the turntables, Hydan is a strong MC who uses the microphone just the right amount to keep guests engaged, without the overbearing/cheesy style that couples have come to fear.

With Jason, couples can walk into their reception with the peace of mind that Jason will ensure the itinerary/timeline, music selection, and announcements are all well taken care of in the professional manner that the occasion demands.


Although weddings if Jason’s main focus and priority, he can also be found playing throughout many of Kansas City’s most known venues throughout The Country Club Plaza, Westport, and Power and Light.


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