Frequently Asked Questions

Your important event is also very important to us! We will keep this page updated with frequent answers to your questions, and help you in making a great decision for your next event.

Can we meet the DJ who will actually be the DJ at our reception before we decide to book with Fernando Productions?

Absolutely! Once you decide you’d like to sit down and meet with one of us, we’ll set up a meeting with your ACTUAL DJ. Some companies cannot tell you who will be your DJ until a month or so prior to your event. This can be dangerous for couples as they are left with almost no option if they find that the DJ they were assigned is not a good fit for them. With Fernando Productions, the DJ you meet with and decide to book is the DJ you will be working with to plan an awesome reception!

How much time is included with your package?

We never nickle and dime our couples. Every package we offer is for unlimited reception time.

Do you provide dance floor lighting with your DJ services?

Yes! Again, we do not nickle and dime our couples, so we include dance floor lighting with our DJ services. If you decide to upgrade and really take the light show for your event to the next level with our truss tower package that includes intelligent lighting that we program to fit your event and venue.

What do you mean by “True Mixing DJs”?

Approximately 5% of wedding DJs in Kansas can actually mix on turntables or a controller. We are in the 5% that can…which means keeping a high energy level on your dance floor, all night. There is a reason our reviews consistently mention our ability to keep a dance floor packed all night. This is not done coincidentally. We read your dance floor while keeping your NO playlist, and your MUST playlist in mind. All while using our experience to read your crowd and actually BLEND music together as opposed to simply fading in and out.

Do you use the mic, and how often?

This is a very important aspect of what we do. However, while we do a great job of making all the necessary announcements to help us keep the night flowing smoothly and keeping everyone informed of what’s going on, we absolutely don’t overuse the mic and become overbearing and/or cheesy. We do an excellent job of making sure we are engaging and interactive, without trying to steal the spotlight away from our bride and groom.

Do you take requests?

It really depends. Many times, a request fits really well with what is keeping the dancefloor packed, so in that situation, no problem! We’ll mix in the request at the best possible time. On the other hand, if someone requests a song that based on our experience will clear the dance floor, we’ll politely tell guests we don’t have the song, so that we don’t hurt their feelings by telling them their request would likely not go over well. We’re going for FUN not hurt feelings! 🙂

How do we requests songs and give you an idea of what we like or more importantly, DON’T like?

We have a very user friendly online planning system that you can use as often as you’d like. Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive your own username and password, and you’ll be able to login and add music to your must playlist, and do not playlist.



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