DJ Kate

Kate has quickly become another all-star on the Fernando Productions team. Over the past 5 years, DJ Kate has really become another very valuable addition to the FP lineup of DJs. 5 star review after 5 star review have come in with couples raving about how much they enjoyed working with Kate.

In addition to her drive to make sure every event runs smoothly throughout the night, Kate’s versatile skills as a DJ really have allowed her to adjust to any musical environment, and rock any type of party.

Something funny that happens at times is that because couples aren’t used to seeing a female DJ, they have admitted that their initial concern is that she’ll have that “OMG valley girl” tone when making announcements. It’s actually very funny because that is far from Kate’s tone, and once couples meet with her, that fear disappears and they realize she’s a great overall fit.

Her attention to detail, musical knowledge, ability to maintain a consistently packed and fun dance floor, and her overall above and beyond customer service, gives couples the peace of mind they are looking for on their big day.


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